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Spanish school at the acient city Antigua Guattemala
( Optional Act )
Guidance of Optional Activities
We have introduced the optional activities to give you a more fulfilling spend your stay in Antigua.
However, fees and expenses that you are viewing on this website may vary depending on fluctuations in price.
In addition, we will be able to guide some places other than those presented here

Why Don't You Make Your Souvenir Yourself ?
Private Classes in "Guatemalan Weaving"

A teacher's performance
You may want to study not only Spanish but also the indigenous culture. ATABAL can arrange for you to study the weaving of the indigenous people as well as the fabrication of their traditional accessories.

Your teachers are the women from San Antonio Aguas Calientes which is located at the foot of el Volcán de Agua (a half- hour trip from Antigua).

Learn the basics of Guatemalan weaving which is famous all over the world, and make original presents for your friends.

The Price for Weaving Classes
1 hour 50.00 Quetzales(The reference price, 2016)
There is a possibility of the charge change by price changes. When you're interested, please consult.  

Message from the women who live in
San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Vilma y Maximina
Somos de un pueblo llamado San Antonio Aguas Calientes muy cerca de Antigua. Aprendimos a tejer y aprender Cakchiquel cuando somos pequeños por ejemplo de 7 años en adelante podemos hacer todo tipo de diseno de un lado y de dos lados tenemos muchos años de experiencia.
Si alguno de ustedes les gustaria estudiar a tejer nosotros con gusto les enseñaremos. Tenemos diseños antiguos y modernos: US$2.00 / 1 hora
We live in a village called San Antonio Aguas Calientes which is near Antigua.
We have been weaving and also speaking our native language -Cakchiquel- for many years. We learn to weave when we are young: by the time we are 7 years old. We can make every kind of design on both one-side and two-sides looms.
If you want to study weaving, we will be pleased to teach you. We teach both traditional and modern designs: US$2.00 / 1 hour.
Francisco y Mximina Carmona
(Tienda / Store)
1a Avenida Norte No.4 Antigua Guatemala C.A.
(Casa / ‰Home)
2a Avenida 6-01 Zona 2 San Antonio Aguas Calientes Antigua Guatemala C.A.
All lessons is one to one All lessons is one to one

¡¡Your Dance Must Attract Everybody!!
"Salsa & Merengue" Lesson

Would you like to "spice up" your travels? Then why not learn salsa or merengue? It is easy to learn, great exercise and a truly Latin experience. With just a few basic classes you will feel comfortable at the clubs, at fiestas at your school or home. Our goal at Salsa Buena is that you, the student, learn enjoy and then share with others your experience. We are confident that your experience will be a positive one. At "Salsa Buena" we will assist you not only in learning the steps associated with salsa but more importantly how to move your body and "live" the music. Whether you love to dance or are afraid you have not rhythm, we can you.
  • Instruction available in Spanish or English
  • Collective or private lasses available
  • All levels from beginners through advanced welcome
  • Come alone or with a partner
  • No reservations necessary, but desirable
  • Salsa and merengue taught
  Monday to Friday
04:30p.m. - 05:30p.m.
05:30p.m. - 06:30p.m.
02:00p.m. - 03:00p.m.
Afro Cafe 6a Calle Poniente #9
Antigua Guatemala

TEL:7832-5288(evning & weekend)

Normal Price of Dance Class
US$10.00/hour (Dec 2011)
* The costs are different by the number of person

Escuela profesional de Salsa y Merengue "Salsa Buena"
Cuando escuchamos la palabra Salsa, nos trae a la mente: Sensualidad, Elegancia, Romance, Pasión y Sentimiento. Las palabras no solo describen el baile, sino que también lo que en si, es parte de esta gran Cultura Latina.
La palabra Salsa, también tiene otro significado, el cual significa "Sauce" el cual tiene el significado de Delicioso, así como el baile. Esta música se ha ido filtrando desde el siglo 18, cuando los esclavos negros fueron traí dos de Africa para trabajar en los cañaverales de Cuba.
Los invito a principiar y aumentar poco a poco este gran amor por la Salsa-un baile para todo la vida!!
When one hears the world "salsa" brings to mind the words sensual, elegance, romance, passion, and sentiment. The words not only describe the dance but also that which is part of our grand Latin culture.
The word “salsá -- which literally means “sauce-- has a connotation of something delicious, as is the dance. This music has been filtrating since the eighteenth century, when African slaves were brought over to pick sugar cane in Cuba.
I invite you to begin and increase little by little this grand love for the salsa- a dance for all your lifetime!

Julio & Monique Julio & Monique
<<Instructor: Julio Morales and Monique Ripley>>
Mi interés por bailar los ritmos tropicales tales como Salsa y Merengue siempre había estado en mi. Yo, Julio Morales, empece a interesarme mas, hace 15 años. Y desde el año 96 he dado clases de dichos ritmos tropicales a extranjeros y nacionales, con colaboración de algunos estudiantes quienes ya han estudiado bastante, y en estos años de experiencia, he formado métodos y técnicas de enseñanza en estos ritmos.
My interest to dance tropical rhythms such as salsa and merengue has always been within me. I, Julio Morales, began to develop more interest some 15 years ago. Since 1996 I have given classes in both salsa and merengue, to foreigners and nationals alike. With the collaboration of a handful of very experienced students I have formed methods and techniques of teaching these dances which are both effective and fun.

Voice from the students
I hereby send you some photos from the dance lessons in Antigua this summer. i want to thank you very very much for opening the world of salsa to me, because in a way it has changed my life - salsa has made me more happy. I have continued to take salsa lessons here in Copenhagen and I have improved a lot......maybe I could even teach you a couple of new variations. My danceinstructor in Denmark is from Colombia - but he is not as good and as wonderful a person as you. The dance lessons with you will always be something very special.
I have given your name and telephone to some of my friends travelling in Guatemala - I hope that all right with you.
Again thank you Julio for opening the fantastic world of salsa to me. We have by the way never found out who is the singing 'la cita'!
My best regards to you and your family.
(Stine Gry Johannessen, Denmark)

Julio makes learning salsa fun and easy. An excellent teacher and beautiful man. I'm looked. Thank you!

Once you told me that those who are shy will stay shy. People remain shat they are. True, I cannnot overcome my inhibition to look into your eyes (while dancing). it is not a part of my native culture. I've noticed, however, that a subtle change was taking place inside of me in your class. An inspiration. A grain of the Latin spirit is now planted somewhere within me. Now, I am Japanese by birth, European by Business and Latin by heart...
Thank you for making me able to experience this sensation.
Tu sonrisa me dabe animo de seguir bailando.
Your personality counts. Warmest regards,
(Sumiko Arai)
Clase de Baile   Clase de Baile   Clase de Baile

Let's go out from Antigua for seeing
the folk culture and the scene of Guatemala
"Tour Guidance from Antigua"
( Under Construction )

Let's invite the like-minded friend who knew and met by Antigua, and plan mini tour, such as traveling the village of Indigenas including Panajachel by "Atitlan lake", or seeing the market of Chichicastenango (every Sunday and Thursday) using a weekend.
** Arrangements of a private car are also heard here.
Mr. Rolando who has requested the person to meet Mr. Rolando who has requested the person to meet
Mr. Rolando who has requested
Please leave meeting to the airport and
the sightseeing in a private car to us.
"Rolando Transport Service"

( Mini Tour )
Course (Distination) Price Time Required The Main Promise
Regular Special
Tikal:One day trip N/A <Request>
Tikal : 2 days trip N/A <Request>
(1N stay)

Copan (Honduras) : One day trip N/A <Request>
Copan (Honduras), Quirigua : 2 days trip N/A <Request>
(1N stay)

Quirigua, Rio Duluce :2 days trip N/A <Request>
(1N stay)
The ruins of Quirigua, and the launcher cruise of the Rio Dulce
Guatemala City : Half day trip
(Only carfare)
N/A <Request>
4hours The national archaeology ethnology museum, Ixchel museum, Popol Bhu museum (it is careful on a closure day), etc.
Panajachel (Lago de Atitlán) : One day trip
(Only carfare)
N/A <Request>
11hours The tour around a village and pleasure boat by the Atitlan lake
Chichicastenango : One day trip
(Only carfare)
N/A <Request>
9hours Tour around a market opened during the morning on Sunday or Thursday every week + St.Thomas church
Panajachel & Chichicastenango : 2 days trip
(Only carfare)
N/A <Request>
(1N stay)
The tour around a village and pleasure boat by the Atitlan lake + Tour around a market opened during the morning on Sunday or Thursday every week + St.Thomas church
Monterrico : One day trip
(Only carfare)
N/A <Request>
Private car arrangements N/A <Request>
Per day
* All charges are US dollar bases.
* The above mentioned charge is a per capita charge in 2018.
( Hotel )
Hotel(所在地) Single Twin Triple Breakfast Dinner Point Sponsor
(Antigua Guatemala)
(Antigua Guatemala)
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Discount STS
* All charges are US dollar bases.
* The above mentioned charge is a per capita charge in 2018.

Let's Study Not Only Spanish But Also English in Antigua
Man to man "English Conversation Lesson"

It's a good idea to learn not only Spanish but also English here in Antigua Guatemala. There are many visitors who speak English as their native language. Then you may change information with them or take a trip with them for a while. Our school ATABAL introduce a English teacher to the students who stay in Antigua.
You may be able to brush up both languages English and Spanish.
Teachers: Maria Delong & Jim Heorne Teachers: Maria Delong & Jim Heorne
Maria Delong is from Los Angeles, California, USA. She is a former television news Announcer and Radio Broadcaster.
Jim Heorne is from Texas, USA, a businessman.;
Together they publish " Guatemala Lifestyles " newsletter.;
Maria teaches conversation, grammar and pronunciation. Jim teaches conversation. You will be with us in our apartment, drink our coffee & meet our American & European friends.;
Maria Delong & Jim Heorne

Price of English lessons
US$ 8.00 / hour (Dec. 2011)
* The price may be changed by price fluctuation.


1a Av. Norte #6, Antigua Guatemala, GUATEMALA C.A.
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