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Spanish school at the acient city Antigua Guattemala
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1a Avenida Norte No.6 Antigua Guatemala
Person in charge:
Petra Elara de Katagiri
Tel No.
Skype ID
atabal (Guatemalan time 08:00-17:00 on Monday to Friday)
Work contents:
Providing with service of online Spanish class that uses Spanish class and the Internet in Atabal this school
Manner of payment:
Prepayment by bank transfer. The charge of the display is including tax.
* The commission that hangs when buying it becomes a customer's share.
Beginning procedure:
Please send the application form on the homepage, and transfer the charge after confirming the operation afterwards.
Beginning time:
After completing the transfer (However, when the soil, the day, and congratulation are placed at Guatemalan time, time is gotten to approval.)
Article 1 (agreement for use)
This agreement for use is the one that the rule the service (Hereafter, it is said, "This service") that Sentoro ring chair Tycho Atabal (Hereafter, it is said, "This school") provides is used was provided. It is assumed the one applied by this school and the user of this service (Hereafter, it is said, "User") for the use of this service.
Article 2 (change in rule)
  • This school assumes the one that the content of this rule or this service of the user of cannot approval can be changed. In this case, the use condition of this service depends on the agreement for use after it changes.
  • The member rule after it changes is assumed to be what where this school goes into force from the point notified on online by the display or E-mail, except when separately providing.
Article 3 (application and acceptance)
  • It is assumed to be the one to do the admission application to hope for the use of this service by the prescribed method that this school establishes.
  • Please confirm own communication environment is suitable for the use of this service beforehand when applying the admission.
  • When applying, I will assume application to this service to be the agreed one to the content of this agreement for use.
  • When the user corresponds to either of the following items, this school might refuse the admission.
    • When there is false, an error in writing or an omission in the content notified this school.
    • When this school judges that the user might interfere to the management of this service.
    • When this school judges it is improper when it applies by the reasons other than the above-mentioned.
Article 4 (beginning of this service)
The beginning use day of this school is point to this service that notifies the user the approval of the admission.
Article 5 (time limit of this service)
  • The expiration date of this service is assumed to be the one displayed on the homepage. When the expiration date is passed, it is considered that a lecture was attended regardless of the presence of attending a lecture, and is not admitted attending a lecture after that.
  • The extension at the expiration date does the written report by the user by the method specified by this school, and only when this school permits specially, can temporarily postpone the expiration date. The condition of the time limit etc. of the postponement is assumed that this school provides separately.
Article 6 (cancellation of this service)
  • The use of this service is canceled according to the method and the condition that this school establishes.
  • When the act etc. that this school judges that the user might interfere to the management of this service are confirmed, and the improvement is not seen though guidance from this school was received, the compulsion cancellation might be unavoidably done.
Article 7 (repayment)
  • The cancellation in the cooling off period can be canceled by informing this school directly of the purport of the cancellation by E-mail. If the class is attended in that case, I get cost and the transfer commission for the class.
  • The cancellation after the cooling off period is passed will not repay the charge when a contract is canceled even if the user has any reason. When the use of this service is difficult, this is assumed to be similar due to user's communication environment, the communication software wear, and the trouble of connected situation etc.Moreover, when the reason that doesn't come near to the responsibility of this school like a system failure, a domestic situation, and the natural damage, etc. that occur suddenly in the lesson offer country and attending the lesson is difficult, it doesn't similarly repay it. However, after it confers directly among this school and users, it is assumed the solved one when the doubt is caused for this state.
Article 8 (reservation and cancellation of lesson)
  • The reservation of the lesson is possible before 24 hours of the lesson beginning time for two weeks.
  • The cancellation of the lesson is possible before 24 hours of the lesson beginning time, and the cancellation after that is not accepted.
Article 9 (attending of lesson)
  • It risks as described in this school homepage, and the one of the user to prepay the use charge is a use charge according to this description at time that this service can be used and the lesson time.
  • The extension or shortening the lesson time by user's convenience is not admitted, except when this school admits especially beforehand.
  • The lecturer is standing by for 15 minutes if it is disconnected than prior when the user is late at the lesson time. When 15 minutes between pass when beginning to teach it disconnected than prior, it becomes a cancellation and I get the tuition of the amount once. There is a report in prior from the user and the lecturer is standing by between until the class end time when this school admits it. In any case, tuition gets the amount once on the schedule street at first at the class end time.
Article 10 (immunity)
  • This school makes remarks on the lecturer, and doesn't assume the responsibility to the description.
  • This school assumes the one that an entire part of this service can be interrupted without assuming the responsibility at all, and be stopped without doing a prior notification to the user by some persons concerned such as the lecturer, users, and communication means donor or the following items in all.
    • Inevitability of typhoon, earthquake, a fire, downpour, power failure, and other natural damage, etc..
    • Computer trouble, telecommunication line trouble, trouble of use software, and business suspension of provider.
  • This school is not the one that it is guaranteed to be able to complete the lesson reservation when user's lesson is reserved, and the hope date at any time.
  • When it is related to the use of the software used to attend the class of this school, and some inconveniences and the losses occur additionally in the user in juridical and economy, this school doesn't assume the responsibility.
  • This school might change the use software. The user will owe the load of software and the hardness in that case. Moreover, when the use software is made charged, the user will bear the increase of the charge concerning it.
Article 11 (transfer of class)
  • It is prohibited to make the applied person in question a user, for the third party to use same ID, and to use this service.
  • The transfer of the right to attend the class is prohibited. After it reports prior, the user can transfer this service only when this school permits specially.
  • The responsibility comes for the user to owe it when the injustice of the assumption when this service is used as the one managed by user's responsibility for the use of ID described to the application form, the use of ID described to the application form, and the use of the third party of this service, etc. is done.
In Centro Lingüístico ATABAL (henceforth "This school."), strict attention is paid to the protection of individual information.
It is an attitude to the protection of individual information on this school as follows.
[ Collection of individual information ]
Individual information is not collected by an unfair method without permission.
[ Use of individual information ]
It doesn't use it for information on this school, providing with service, and the purposes other than the contact method.
[ Management of individual information ]
To manage carefully, and to prevent the loss of unlawful computer access to individual information and individual information, destruction, falsifications, and the leakages, etc. , individual information executes reasonable measures for safety and the preventative action.
[ Disclosing of individual information ]
Specific individual information might be offered and, in the following cases, be disclosed to the third party though manages registered information as individual information by this school.
  • When you obtain the user's agreement
  • When indication is requested from the official body by the law etc.
  • When you offer it with the individual cannot identify it
[ Inquiries concerning individual information ]
The customer hope for the inquiry, the correction, and the deletion of own individual information and the inquiries concerning other individual information will correspond appropriately after the person in question was going to be confirmed.

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