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Now it is in Guatemala.   カウンター th visitor from 13 May 1998 
Spanish school at the acient city Antigua Guattemala
( App Form for Study Abroad )

Application Form for Study in Guatemala

We will reply as soon as possible after receiving the application form.
If you do not receive your confirmation email even though the next day from here, sorry to trouble you, but please contact us by e-mail.
* Please answer the following items.
  • 1. Current Language Level   ** Necessary
  • 2. Date You Wish to Begin Classes   ** Necessary
  • 3. Total Weeks to Study
  • 4. Hours You Wish to Study   ** Necessary
  • 5. Do You Want to Live with a Local Family   ** Necessary
    Yes, I do.    No, I do not.
  • 6. Date You Wish to Live with a Family
  • 7. Do You Want to Transport Service from Airport to Antigua   ** Necessary
    Yes, I do.(One way US$40.00)    No, I do not.
  • 7-1. Name of Arrival Flight
  • 7-2. Date of Arrival to Guatemala Airport
  •      (Year/Month/Day)
  • 7-3. Time of Arrival to Guatemala Airport
    a.m. p.m. (Hour : Minite)
  • 8. Request & Question

** After an application, when change arises, please announce by mail.

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