Spanish School ATABAL
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Spanish school at the acient city Antigua Guattemala
( School Guide )
Why don't you learn Spanish here in ANTIGUA, the most fascinating colonial city in Central America, chatting with our village people (Indigena) who walk through the city sailing their traditional weavings.

Spanish School "ATABAL"
ATABAL was founded in 1978 and is authorized by the The Ministry of Education and the Guatemala Tourist Commission. We have organized, experienced teachers. In addition, our school is small, flexible & gives direct attention to each student.
  • You have the opportunity to live with a Guatemalan family here in Antigua with a private room is available (3 meals a day, except Sunday).
  • From Sunday to Friday our school is opened from 08:00 to 18:30 for self-study.
Curriculum of our school
  1. The lesson of "One to One (1 student / 1 teacher)."
    (To a couple, two students' plan is also prepared to one teacher.)
  2. You can start any day of the week.
  3. You can study 2, 4 or 6 hours a day.
  4. You can study for any number of weeks.
If you want, you can select any subject, and you can study it intensively.
Since an entire beginner also has a class using a figure, a picture, etc., it is not anxious. Since it is one-to-one form if there is a point which is not known, there is no mind and please ask a question repeatedly. Self-teaching is possible at rest time or the time which has not taken the lesson using the grammar and skill book which have been arranged with this school.
Although there is individual difference, in the case of a beginner, a general grammar can be learned by lesson of 4 hours per day in about three months. The lesson extracted only to the fundamental travel conversation and the grammar for one - two weeks is also possible.
The lesson which suited the purpose to the middle-class person or the upper person is assembled, consulting with a lecturer.
Price of course (5 days a week)
( 2018(日本語) 年 )
Course Hours 1 student vs 1 teacher 2 students vs 1 teacher
2 Hours a Day
  1. PM02:00-04:00
  2. PM04:00-06:00
@ US$ 54.00 @ US$ 40.50 x 2
4 Hours a Day
  1. AM08:00-12:00(AM10:00-10:30 Recess)
  2. PM02:00-06:00(PM04:00-04:30 Recess)
@ US$ 90.00 @ US$ 67.50 x 2
6 Hours a Day
  1. AM08:00-12:00(AM10:00-10:30 Recess)
@ US$135.00 @ US$101.50 x 2
(日本語) ※「生徒2vs先生1」はお二人で同時に申し込まれる場合にのみ適用できます。お一人での申し込みの場合は「生徒1vs先生1」のみの適用となります。
Family Stay
7 days a week, for one person
The price varies depending on the condition of the family. from US$65.00 to US$100.00
  • There are no classes on Guatemala's national holidays.
    (2018)1st Jan, 29th & 30th Mar, 1st May, 25th Jun, 25th Jul, 1st Nov, 24th, 25th & 31st Dec
  • Tuition fees, please pay by local currency (Quetzal) traveler's checks, cash, dollars per week.
  • Homestay fee, after converted into local currency, please pay directly to each home.
Staying, Homestay etc.
At the time of entrance formalities, ATABAL introduces 3 or 4 home to students who wants to stay with local family. You can decide, after checking equipment, family composition, etc. by yourself.
In a homestay, although you stay at a general Guatemalan home, equipment and family composition differ from each other. For example, there is only an old couple's family, and there is a family who has small children.
Anyway, you need the minimum manners for community life.
A meal is three per day from Monday to Saturday except for Sunday. When there is special hope, such as a vegetarian, please fill in the column of the others of an application form. I make it go along with your hope if possible.
In case you have you see and turn around a homestay place, please be sure to check.
Although each student is provided with one room, the toilet and the shower are shared with a family in most case.
About a shower, we introduce the house with a hot water shower.
Since washing space is situated in each home (a washing machine is not in almost all homes), washing is also personally washable if soap is purchased. However, many travelers use the laundry which is in Antigua.
(Conditions of location, etc.)
Since all homestays are in Antigua, you can attend school on foot.
When you reach Antigua late at night, you can check neither location nor equipment within the day. In this case, you stay at one house which this school arranged, or an arrival day stays at a hotel and you can choose one from introduction places on the next day.
When arrival time is late, we can reserve a hotel if you wish. In this case you need to fill out your hope of hotel in the column of the others of an application form. Its cost is about US$40.00.
Although there are monthly lease apartments, conditions (location, with furniture, etc.) are various and there is no fixed charge. Although it seems that the house rent for one month is found from about US$300.00, it will be hard to suit you immediately.
How to register at our school?
Please send us "the application form" by internet, fax or letter. However internet or fax are preferable because the mailing system is not as reliable.
  • If you want living with the local family, please check the question about it. And in the case where you are a vegetarian or have a religious reason, etc., write down your request at the last column of the application form, and we make utmost efforts to look for the stable family.
  • If you want the transport service from the Guatemala International Airport (US$40.00), check the question about it, and inform us the date of arrival, the time and the flight number.
  • Moreover, we can reserve a hotel when you reach Antigua (except for the term of the Semana Santa). If you want to reserve a hotel (US$35.00), fill out the last column of the application form.
How to get to "ATABAL"
(By Air)
Anyone wishing to fly to Guatemala has many alternatives. From Europe, Iberia has daily flights out of Madrid, with a stopover in Miami.
Several airlines ---among them Continental, United Airlines, American Airlines and Taca --- fly daily to Guatemala from cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Miami, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston and Dallas.
Connections can be made easily with airlines such as Air France, Lufthansa, Alitalia and British Airways, which fly to the United States and Mexico.
From Aurora International Airport (Guatemala City) to Antigua you can travel by bus, taxi and tourist mini bus. Bus is the cheapest form of transportation but you have to change local buses once or twice on the way so it takes much more time. On the other hand, it is easy to reach Antigua by taxi. Its cost is about US$40.00, but be sure to agree on the fare before entering the taxi; there are no meters.
(By Land)
Guatemala may be reached from Mexico, mainly from San Cristobal de las Casas and Tapachula. The connection from Cancún crosses through Belize, which also borders on Guatemala. Likewise, there are highways leading to Guatemala from El Salvador and Honduras.
Pick-up service from Guatemala City Airport
We offer a pick up service from La Aurora International Airport (in Guatemala City) to our school or to your host family or hotel in Antigua. The cost is US$40.00(one way). Please write down the airline you have reserved and the flight number a long with the date and time of your arrival in our "application form".
  • The pick-up company which has contracted with our school performs a welcome and send-off. In the place which came out of the building of the airport, the person of a pick-up company is waiting with the paper in which your name is written.
  • If you would like to arrange for hotels on the date of arrival, our school is on behalf of a hotel reservation. In this case, please indicate to the application form to book a hotel on the day of arrival. The price of hotels to introduce at our school is a US$35.00(in the case of full occupancy will guide you the alternatives).
If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.
Sigunature of the director (1.3KB)
Petra Herrera de Katagiri
(The director and owner)

1a Av. Norte #6, Antigua Guatemala, GUATEMALA C.A.
TEL: (502)7832-1894 | (502)7832-0791
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